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How does Woonhave deal with the Landlords Good Practices Act?

Under the new Landlords Good Practices Act, every landlord/rental agent is obliged to refrain from any form of discrimination – making unjustified distinctions – towards tenants or home seekers.

Woonhave will not ask home seekers for irrelevant information such as ethnic or cultural background, religious affiliation, political affiliation or physical health.

To qualify for one of our rental properties, you must meet a number of conditions. The most general conditions are as follows:

  • An income standard whereby the gross monthly income (excluding holiday pay) must be at least 3 to 4 times the rent, exceptions to this are possible in specific situations (for example when owning assets);
  • You must live in the home yourself and register with the municipality at the address of the rented home;
  • Woonhave does not rent to home sharers who do not maintain a sustainable shared household;
  • For a number of complexes a minimum age of 55 years applies. If applicable, this will be shown in the advertisement of the rental property;
  • If a home seeker responds to an offered accommodation, we ask you to provide the following objective and relevant information: Download Woonhave Checklist;
  • A creditworthiness investigation is part of our allocation procedure;
  • You may not be in arrears with your current landlord or mortgage provider;
  • Submitting forged documents to qualify for a rental property is a direct reason for rejection in all cases and without exception;
  • The general provisions of the residential rental agreement apply to our rental agreements.

The motivation for the final selection of the candidate that, according to Woonhave, is most suitable (for the rental property) will be announced by the real estate agent to the rejected prospective home seekers.

Woonhave works with real estate agents throughout the country to rent out our homes. Every real estate agent has its own portal where home seekers register if they are interested in one of our rental properties. If a prospective tenant has viewed a home and is still interested, this portal offers the option to provide the necessary documents in a secure environment.

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