How does renting a home work at Woonhave?

  1. Rent Calculator
    Find your ideal home via Our Properties. Then complete the Rental Calculator for the project. You can easily see for what maximum amount you can rent a home for. Your details are then sent directly to the real estate agent. Does your profile qualify? You will be invited by our estate agent for a viewing.

  2. Viewing
    In most cases, the real estate agent organizes a viewing day or a 1-on-1 viewing. Sometimes an appointment is made with the current resident (if the home is not yet vacant). The real estate agent will guide you in this. Are you interested after the viewing? The real estate agent will create an account for our Huurdossier for you.

  3. Application
    Our Huurdossier is a secure environment where you upload your documents, such as your personal identification and income statement. Have you uploaded all requested documents? Your file will then be sent to the real estate agent for verification. The agent will assign the unit.

  4. Rental agreement
    Has your file been approved and has the unit been assigned to you? Congratulations! You will receive a rental agreement that you can easily sign digitally. You also pay the first month’s rent and the deposit in advance. Now it’s time to wait for the keys!

  5. Key transfer
    Finally, the key handover is scheduled. During this handover, an explanation will be given about the facilities in the unit and you will be handed the keys. The moving can begin! At this point you also get access to My Woonhave.

Do you have any questions about renting a home at Woonhave? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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